Case Reports

APTA Home Health welcomes case reports for publication in future issues of The Quarterly Report, the official publication of the Home Health Academy. The purpose of these case reports is to provide a detailed description of the physical therapy management for patients receiving home health treatment. Individual case reports can provide relevant information to home health practitioners by describing unusual cases, highlighting a clinical experience that has not yet been described in the literature, or defining success/failure of a given treatment approach.

Case Report Submission

Case reports should be submitted to the Home Health Academy Research Committee via email ([email protected]). We provide a Case Report Template (below) as a model for report submission. Please follow the format provided in the form when creating your report. Note that all case reports must be accompanied by a completed Informed Consent Form, which may also be downloaded below.

Requirements for Illustrations and Graphics: If your case report includes tables, photographs, illustrations or other graphics, please be aware that high resolution versions of these elements will be required if your case report is to be published in The Quarterly Report. You may be asked to provide the graphic in its original, native format. Photos suitable for our publication will have a file size of at least 150 kb. You can determine a file’s size, by selecting it in your file directory and reviewing the information (including “Size”) in the lower portion of the directory window.

You must either own the photos or illustrations you are using or obtain them from a royalty-free source. Images copied from internet images or photos are typically too low in resolution for use in a print publication and are generally copyrighted.

Formatting: If accepted for publication, our design team will format your article(s) for our publication layout and design standards. Please do not add any special layout or design elements to your document, such as columns, horizontal or vertical lines, and dingbats (printer's ornaments).