Emotional PPE Kit

The challenges of working in the U.S. health care system have been an existential threat to clinician well-being for years. The pandemic has only exacerbated the pressures confronting clinicians, accelerating the rates of depression, anxiety, burnout, moral distress, moral injury, trauma, grief, etc.

The Emotional PPE toolkit provides resources that clinicians and teams can use to support well-being. CAPC firmly believes that it is the responsibility of organization, state, and federal leaders to create a more supportive and sustainable environment for health care clinicians. We have included individual resources to normalize your experiences and help bridge the gap if you are struggling. However, we urge leaders to consider participating in advocacy and initiatives that can help change the U.S. health care landscape.

Get immediate help if you are in crisis.

Visit the Emotional PPE Toolkit website for resources for individuals who have 5-10 Minutes, 10-30 Minutes or 30-60 Minutes; Team Wellness Planning resources; and Literature and Thought Pieces on Emotional PPE