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Despite Vaccines, Omicron Variant Puts Older Adults at Risk

Last winter's COVID-19 wave, driven by the highly contagious Omicron variant, killed almost as many Americans ages 65 and older as last summer's Delta variant wave, despite high vaccination rates among older people. Health experts cited the ability of the Omicron variant and its mutations to get around immune defenses and lackluster efforts to get booster shots to older adults as reasons for the elevated risk.

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White House: 1st Shots for Kids Under 5 Possible by June 21

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said Thursday that children under 5 may be able to get their first COVID-19 vaccination doses as soon as June 21, if federal regulators authorize shots for the age group, as expected.

White House COVID-19 coordinator Aashish Jha outlined the administration's planning for the last remaining ineligible age group to get shots. He said the Food and Drug Administration's outside panel of advisers will meet on June 14-15 to evaluate the Pfizer and Moderna shots for younger kids. Shipments to doctors' offices and pediatric care facilities would begin soon after FDA authorization, with the first shots possible the following week.

Jha said states can begin placing orders for pediatric vaccines on Friday, and said the administration has an initial supply of 10 million doses available. He said it may take a few days for the vaccines to arrive across the country and vaccine appointments to be widespread.

"Our expectation is that within weeks every parent who wants their child to get vaccinated will be able to get an appointment," Jha said.

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Slower Walking Speed Linked to Higher Dementia Risk

A study published in JAMA Network Open found that a slower walking speed in older adults, combined with a decline in memory function, was an indicator of future dementia risk. "These results highlight the importance of gait in dementia risk assessment," said study co-author Taya Collyer.

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Health Systems Continue to Extract Value Out of Home-Based Care Partnerships

Home Health Care News | By Patrick Filbin
Joint ventures and collaborations between home-based care providers, tech companies and health systems continue to have operational upside.
Some of the biggest names in home-based care have already proven that to be the case with their joint venture strategies over the past several months and years.
Moving forward, however, it could be even more so the case, experts said at the Health Care Council of Chicago conference this week.
“From my perspective, we’re thinking about how we build partnerships or joint ventures and other ways to serve our patient population, largely because we intend to continue to grow in terms of value-based, risk-based contracts,” Denise Keefe, president of home health for Advocate Aurora Health, said at the conference Wednesday.

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President's Message

Posted: June 1, 2022

Memorial Day has come and gone—we are into summer. Hopefully, all were able to slow down for the long weekend, relax, and take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day—not just a long weekend and the beginning of summer, but a time to honor and remember all those who gave their lives in service to our nation.

As summer begins, and our lives slow down a little (we hope!), APTA life gets busy. On June 16, Dr. Lisa VanHoose will deliver the Linda Woodruff lecture virtually. Click here to learn more. 

Sometime in July, APTA Home Health will hold a virtual town hall so that you, our members, can provide feedback on the motions before the House of Delegates. Packet 1 was released last week and can be found online in the House of Delegates Hub.

Finally, APTA’s Leadership Congress will be held in Washington, DC, August 12-16. This will include the House of Delegates, the APTA Awards and Honors, student programming, programming for the Association Scholars, and a federal advocacy event. The Academy is seeking an alternate delegate for the House, and can nominate two student Academy members for the student programming.

Be safe, stay aware, and have a great summer!



 Phil Goldsmith
 APTA Home Health  

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